Jesu Parvule
by Bates G. Burt & Alfred S. Burt 1943

TRO (C) Copyright (renewed 1982) and 1957 (renewed 1985) Hollis Music, Inc., New York, N.Y. International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved Including Public Performance for Profit. Used by Permission.

Jesu par-vu-le
on Thy couch of hay.
Greet we Thee today,
sweet Son of Mary.

Be Thy slumber deep
while fair angels keep
vigil o'er Thy sleep,
blest Babe of Mary.

'Tis Thy joy to see
Kings on bended knee,
off'ring gifts to Thee,
sweet Son of Mary.

But Thou may'st not know
what these gifts fore-show
of they future woe,
blest Babe of Mary.

Let this gold the while
with its glint beguile,
Thy dear lips to smile,
sweet Son of Mary.

May no shadow gray,
cloud one happy day
of Thine infant play,
blest Babe of Mary.

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Jesu Parvule

Anne Burt

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