Christmas Cometh Caroling
by Father Andrew & Alfred Burt 1942.

TRO (C) Copyright 1964 (renewed) and 1966 (renewed) Hollis Music, Inc., New York, N.Y. International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved Including Public Performance for Profit. Used by Permission.

Christmas cometh caroling,
and all the merry bells do ring,
to tell how angels once did sing,
kneeling about their baby King,
born of our lady Mary.

And it would be a shame to tell
that only clang of brazen bell
should play earth's part His praise to swell
It must be you and I as well
Who kneel to lady Mary.

Then shrive you clean and wash you
white.Keep vigil well this holy night,
while angels carol in the height,
we shall receive e're dawn of light:
bread from the Babe of Mary.

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Christmas Cometh

Anne Burt

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