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The Alfred Burt Christmas Carols
Golden Anniversary Collection
Alfred Burt Golden Anniversary

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Alfred Burt, the son of an Episcopal minister, was a young
jazz musician,
who composed fifteen now famous Christmas
Carols between 1942 and 1954.

With each Christmas since his early death at the age of 33,
the Carols reach a wider and more appreciative audience.

Al Burt's music has gained international acceptance among orchestras, choirs, choral groups, civic organizations, and very ordinary people.

This Website is dedicated to old and new friends of Alfred S. Burt's music all over the world.

Here you
will find:
  • Audio samples
  • Song lyrics
  • Original Christmas card artwork
  • Discography of recordings
  • A personal history of the Burt family
  • Comments and background information provided by Al Burt’s wife, Anne

And please visit the site of the nationally acclaimed
a cappella ensemble representing the Burt Carols each season...

The Caroling Company


We wish you a merry musical Christmas and
God's love all through the year.


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