Diane Bates Burt


2017....a new season with a promise of wonderful things to come. We continue to promote the carols of my father to new listeners, new artists and to those who already love his work.

This season represents the 70th anniversary of "Nigh Bethlehem" with words by my grandfather, Reverend Bates G. Burt. It doesn't seem possible that the timeless harmonies were written so long ago. The carol will be recorded for 2018 using my father's original harmonies in an arrangement by my talented husband, Nicola Marcello D'Amico, and sung a cappella by The Caroling Company.

The ALFRED BURT CHRISTMAS CAROLS GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION, produced by Nicola Marcello D'Amico, is still available. I hope you have an opportunity to hear the CD. Christmas of 2004 marked the 50th Anniversary of the release of the carols to the public. The recording brings together performances from 1954 to the present. You will hear montages of "Caroling, Caroling" with Natalie Cole and her dad, Nat King Cole, "Some Children See Him" with Kenny Loggins and Andy Williams, "What Are The Signs" with the piano stylings of George Winston and choral harmony of the Voices of Jimmy Joyce. Also, our vocal ensemble, The Caroling Company is represented on several tracks.

The Caroling Company, an octet vocal ensemble, was organized to represent my father’s carols in their original form, a cappella. The group has gained national recognition through their work in the music industry on recordings, television and film. Over the years, the members of The Caroling Company have become part of our family. It is safe to say that it wouldn’t be Christmas without the carols or The Caroling Company. On their 2003 release, "A Christmas Present From The Caroling Company", you can hear my father's original four-part harmony on the last verse of each arrangement. This season we look forward to the joy of doing several concerts, singing for many charity events. The season is all about
giving and what better way to give of ourselves, but through music.

My father would be humbled by all the attention his carols have received and proud to know how many lives he has touched with his music. My mother would be pleased to know that her goal for a compilation CD was accomplished in 2004. I am proud to be carrying on the work started by my family and keeping the meaning of Christmas alive.

Thanks to the internet, thousands of fans have found the limited edition recording. It is truly a labor of love and a tribute to a man ahead of his time. We are grateful to all the artists that have contributed to the success of the Burt Carols for so many years.

Ace Collins penned a wonderful book for Christmas in 2006 which is still selling, "More Stories Behind the Best Loved Songs of Christmas", featuring three of my father's carols: "Some Children See Him", "The Star Carol" and "Caroling, Caroling". You are welcome to visit his website at www.acecollins.com to read an excerpt from the book.

Another milestone in 2006 was the release of James Taylor's CD, "James Taylor at Christmas" on the Columbia Records label, still in stores nationwide. In collaboration with producer, Dave Grusin, Mr. Taylor sings "Some Children See Him", brilliantly arranged by Mr. Grusin.

The 50th Anniversary edition of the Songbook with all fifteen carols in a piano/vocal format featuring my father's original four- part harmony is also still available online. We spent many hours scanning the original Christmas cards to include in this sheet music collection so that fans of the carols could see the way they were first introduced to friends and family. Each carol has a description about the year it was sent and what was happening in our family. The songbook is distributed by Hal Leonard.

We continue to hear from fans of the carols and those who have recently learned about them. The internet has widened our circle of fans and we appreciate receiving your thoughts. Great thanks to all of you who have supported, performed and promoted the carols throughout the years. I feel honored to know that a part of my family’s legacy has become a part of your family’s Christmas traditions.

Diane Burt
(daughter of Anne & Alfred Burt)

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