The 15 Christmas carols composed by Alfred S. Burt are at the heart of this website, but they also are in the hearts of millions of people around the world --people who could not imagine celebrating Christmas without the Burt Carols.
 Alfred Burt
Alfred S. Burt

The Burt Carols touch people with their use of traditional sacred and secular lyrics, combined with jazz-influenced melody lines and harmonies.  But even non-musicians are touched by their simplicity and directness. Three Carols that have attained the status of Christmas "standards" are the starting point on this tour.  They are "Some Children See Him," (1951)  "Caroling, Caroling," and "The Star Carol" (both 1954).

As you visit the pages associated with those three Carols, you'll be able to listen to a one-verse sample of the music, and hear the comments of Al Burt's widow, Anne Shortt Burt.  You'll be able to read the lyrics, and see the original art work from the family Christmas cards that each year carried the Carols to a widening circle of friends and admirers.

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