Welcome to the Guided Tour of the Official Alfred Burt Carols website!  If you only have a few minutes to spend, this is the way to learn a little about the Burt Carols, the composer Alfred Burt and the Burt family, to see a few of the original Christmas cards, listen to music samples from the best-known carols, and hear the voice of Mrs. Anne Burt.

The tour is automatic.  All you need to do is to click on the right-arrow or "next" button to advance. All underlined words are links that connect you to other features. Depending on how long you decide to spend on each page, the tour will take anywhere from just a couple of minutes, to about 15 minutes if you use all the audio and video features and let them play through to the end.   The tour will return you to the Home page.

Thank you for visiting!

To part one of the tour

NOTE: The background image used for the Tour is a set of stamps from Palau celebrating Alfred Burt's carol "Some Children See Him."
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