Sleep, Baby Mine
by Wihla Hutson & Alfred S. Burt 1949.
 Also called
"Carol of the Mother"

TRO (C) Copyright (renewed 1982) and 1957 (renewed 1985) Hollis Music, Inc., New York, N.Y. International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved Including Public Performance for Profit. Used by Permission.

Sleep, baby mine,
a golden star is burning
in God's clear blue above;
And O! my heart is learning
the miracle of love,
the miracle of love.

Sleep, baby mine,
I hear an angel singing above thy tiny bed;
the scent of heaven is clinging
about Thy tiny head,
about Thy tiny head. 

Sleep, baby mine,
to one who humbly bore Thee,
Thy cradle is a throne;
But all the days before Thee
are known to God alone,
are known to God alone.

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Sleep Baby Mine

Anne Burt


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